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En cykelutflykt till Fiskartorpet

Det är en av de huvudanledningar varför jag föredrar sommar i Europa mer än den i mitt hemland.



Orchids at home (Orkidéer hemma)

It was a spontaneous reaction to a tranquil moment in the afternoon. I was sitting at the table and working at the computer. Then, I looked at blooming orchids at the window. Suddenly, I got up from the seat and grabbed my camera.

At first, I pointed the camera at the flowers and thought for a second. Hmmm, I didn’t want the window as a background. I would like to have dark background similar to a regular setting that I often saw on the Internet. So, I looked for some paper that I could adapt. Yes, I had a piece of paper.

I used plastic tape to attach the paper to the window. EF-S 60mm macro, 32F, ISO 400, a tripod. Shot against the window. I got a flare when a distance to the flowers increased. So, I had to reduce the distance.

When I loaded photos to the computer, I saw immediately that there were room for improvement even though I really liked the light.

  • Too fast to push the shutter. I used manual focus and didn’t double check if the focus was at it best. So, I didn’t get the best sharpness
  • Too little time to fix the settings. Every time when I try to do it fast I can later see that something can be fixed in the picture by just taking time when shooting. But today I was pressed by time. I could take only a few shots. It was only 2:30 pm but the light was too little already. Try to shoot early next time.
  • Used mirror lock up. I knew I should have used it but I had no time to figure out how to set it. So the shaking came from the camera itself too. So, learn to know equipments.

Anyway, I really liked the result that I got. Also, those orchids are new. They are giving flowers for the second time. It is something exciting and new for me.

Autumn photos vol.4 (Höstbilder nr.4)

The plan was to shoot cake photos at Vetekatten. It would be cakes and cups of coffee on the foreground and an atmosphere of the place in blur on the background. I would like to have a feeling when people were talking and eating in a comfortable and enjoying moment.

(Planen var att ta tårta bilder på Vetefatten. Det skulle vara tårtar och två koppar kaffe på förgrunden och en atmosfär av platsen på bakgrunden. Jag skulle vilja ha en känsla när folk åt och pratade med bekanta i en bekväm och avnjuten stund.)

But, it didn’t go as plan and things hardly go as plan. We went directly to Moderna Museet to see a painting exhibition which soon finished. The exhibition showed late artwork of three artists. J.W.M. Turner, a romantic painter, Claude Monet, a late romantic and impressionist painter, and Cy Twombly, a modern art painter.

(Men gick det inte som planen och grejer sällan går som planen. Vi åkte direkt till Moderna Museet att se en konstutställning som snart var klar. Utställningen visade sena verk av tre konstnärer. J.W.M. Turner, en romantisk målare, Claude Monet, en sen romantisk och impressionistisk målare, och Cy Twombly, en modern konst målare.)

By the time we arrived at Moderna Museet, I couldn’t help to take photos. It was a very beautiful day in autumn in Stockholm. When we stood at the foot of the Skeppsholmsbron bridge and before us lay a silhouette of Södermalm in distance and a golden band of sunlight over Östersjön. It looked like a view of a city in a dream.

(Innan vi var framme på Moderna Museet, kunde jag inte att inte ta bilder. Det var en väldigt vacker dag på hösten i Stockholm. När vi stod vid foten av Skeppsholmsbron och framför oss låg en silhuett av Södermalms i avstånd och ett gyllene band av solljus över Östersjön. Det såg ut som en bild av en stad i en dröm.)

Then, we crossed the Skeppsholmsbron bridge. The view of the beautiful day continued playing its magic. There stood a long history ship, af Chapman,  from 1888.

(Sedan korsade vi Skeppsholmsbron. Synen på den vackra dagen fortsatte spela sin magi. Där stod en lång historia skepp, af Chapman, från 1888.)


When we arrived home and I loaded the photos to my computer, I could only say that it was an appealing day.

(När vi kom hem och jag laddade bilderna till min dator, kunde jag bara säga att det var en tilltalande dag.)

P.S. I do still not appreciate modern art.

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A baking afternoon

We succeeded to continue our new activity on weekend and this weekend we baked something different, kanelsnurror or gifflar. And, it was JJ who did most of the work. We tried two different recipes; a healthy one and the one with extra butter. You can guess. That’s right. The one with extra butter tasted much better. Unhealthy = Tasty.

Recipe is from ICA Supermarket (http://www.ica.se/Recept/kanelsnurror-eller-gifflar-586961/)

Preparation time: over 20 min
Difficulty: medium
Portion: 18-24 pieces

Yeast 50 g
75 gram butter or magarin
2 1/2 dl milk
1/2 dl sugar
1 ml salt
6 dl wheat flour (6 dl = 360 g)

100 g margarin or butter
1/2 dl sugar
1 ml vanilla sugar
1 ml ground cinnamon

Instructions (by Google Translate)

  1. Crumble the yeast into a bowl. Melt the fat in a saucepan, add the milk and warmto 37 ° C. Dissolve the yeast with degspadet. Add sugar, salt, and almost allwheat flour and work into a smooth dough. Sprinkle a little flour over the doughand cover with a towel. Let rise for about 30 minutes. (We left it for 45 minutes and it got so fluffy)
  2. Mix ingredients for the filling.
  3. Turn the dough on a floured worktop and knead it, possibly with the remaining flour.
  4. a) Spins: Divide dough in half and roll out each piece into an oblong plate. Spread with filling and roll up the dough. Cut each roll into pieces. Place them on parchment paper or in paper form.
    b) the croissants: Divide the dough into three parts. Roll out each portion into a round cake about 24 inches in diameter. Cut or spur out each part into 6 or 8triangles. Add a dollop of filling on each triangle. Roll up them from the broadside. Place croissants on a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  5. Let rolls rise covered with a tea towel about 30 minutes.
  6. Preheat the oven to 250 ° C.
  7. Brush the buns with beaten egg and sprinkle with pearl sugar. (We didn’t do this step)
  8. Bake them in the middle of the oven 6-8 minutes.
  9. Let them cool on a rack over a kitchen towel.

Övningskör till Tullgransslott

Förra veckan körde vi till Tullgransslott eftersom JJ ville att jag skulle ta bilder där. Men jag hade bara ett 50mm macro objektiv med mig. Jag alltid har annat objektiv när jag tar landskapsbilder.

Så måste jag justera lite grann. Jag bestämde sig att jag skulle ta kort idag och med objektivet som jag hade med mig. Jag tänkte hur objektivet fungerade. Först, är det inte ett zoomobjektiv så att man måste röra sig att vara närmare eller ytterligare objektet. Andra, är det ett makroobjektiv. Det innebär att vad man ser med ögon är samma som vad man ser genom objektivet.

Fotot togs när jag satt i bilen och jag tänkte bara på vad som kan tas. En höstbild. Vackra svenska miljön.

A secret of baked bread

I love homemade food. Freshly baked bread really does the job. The idea popped up when we visited the Ericsson-Löfberg family. Usually, we stay over and next morning the family has newly baked bread for breakfast. I love it. It is much different in taste and feeling.

This is similar to when grandma (in fact, she’s a sister of my mother’s father) was alive. My family lived with her. Later, when we moved out we still lived very close to her. She always cooked at home. It didn’t matter how complicated the cooking was she always prepared all ingredients herself. I loved her food and the feeling that she always had food for us. If we were not home when she made it, she always saved it for us.

So, last Friday, JJ and I went to a bookstore before going home. We bought a baking book and some missing ingredients. Yesterday, after dinner, we made bread and left it in the fridge for the yeast to work over night. And, this morning we have newly baked bread on the table. I wish we had more people to share the bread, but we started with two (for now). Above all, it makes a difference to our weekend and a small apartment a home.

A start of the kayak season

Yesterday I was out and went kayaking for 4 hours. In the evening my arm muscles started to complain that “We’re tired. We’re tired. You didn’t train us. And, you suddenly used us for 4 hours.” After one night they stopped whining. “I will try to do it better next time”, I promised.