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After a storm

I have a series of photos that I shot shortly after we were back from Thailand. Next day after we landed, Sweden closed its main international airport due to a snow storm.

My first day to work, the street were full of snow, in fact it snowed all day which caused chaos in the public transportation systems.

As soon as the weekend arrived, I drew myself and JJ up to the top of the roof of the house. Wow, it’s beautiful! The early morning sunlight casted on the white city and I could feel tranquility of the city. Yet, I saw a sign of life when I saw smoke came out from a factory lying at the horizon.

I’d like to forward this series of the photos to my kind and supportive readers, visitors, bloggers, friends, family, you name it. I wish you beautiful days and a glorious year. Please remember, after a storm, it’s always beautiful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vasastan in winter

Good morning!

Red brick chimney in sunlight

Red brick chimney in sunlight


Blurry houses and the city development project, Hagastaden

City in silhouette

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Back of the house at Dalagatan 29

Wish all of you a brand new day!


In the neighborhood

Walking around in the neighborhood and searching for a beautiful and relaxing scene, I ended up on this street.

One good thing with photography is it helps me to search for and see a simple and natural beauty, which is free to take.