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Finally, I’m home

Almost two months ago we moved to a new apartment and it didn’t feel like home but I knew we would fix it. So, I set up a project called Making a home. It includes an amount of shopping, an effort to set up a sound system, tv and home network, an effort to nurture some green lives, some helps and cares from AMJ and a desire to make it home.

The day after the 1st anniversary celebration, I shot a series of photos and later named it home. As soon as I see these pictures I know that now we can close the project.

It’s very difficult for me to decide which photo I wanted to have in this post. In the end I couldn’t select one but two of the same picture.

The original photo gives me a touch of a peaceful atmosphere in a beautiful morning at home. But, as soon as I saw the photo I wanted to apply an effect of a blue or yellow filter. As you can see on the post-processing photo. It gives me a touch of nostalgia feeling. When I look at the picture, I want to come home at the end of the day because I know someone is waiting for me.


He bought flowers and I took pictures

Vi firar inte alla hjärtans dag. Men JJ kom hem med röda rosor igår och sa att det inte var för alla hjärtans dag. Nej?! Okej “I got it”. Förresten det var oväntad.

I eftermiddag när jag hade kommit tillbaka och tittat på rosorna, fick jag ett idé. Så började ett litet projekt som hette “He bought flowers and I took pictures”. Det låter att de passar bra tillsammans.

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