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A story from Swedish midsummer (part 2)

This is my favorite part of the celebration when everyone gets together to sing and dance around a maypole. In Mariefred they improvise the dance a little bit by going around and through the crowd. This was a moment when I had a chance to take photos with their happy faces.

Part 2: Celebrating


A story from Swedish midsummer

I have to skip the orchid shooting this weekend because I am busy with processing photos from a Swedish midsummer weekend.

Four years ago I had the best Swedish midsummer when I went to observe and experience midsummer in Sigtuna but that record was broken last Friday. This weekend AMJ, JJ and I went away to Mariefred to enjoy midsummer. We booked rooms at Gripsholmsviken and planned to spend midsummer time around Gripsholms slott and the rest, which are incredibly good, just happened.

The hotel had a midsummer buffet at 19 o’clock which was fully booked fortunately we met a very pleasant personal at the hotel who offered a help to us. We didn’t know yet if we would have a table or not.

After we had settled with the rooms, I started to take pictures around the hotel. All of the pictures in this set were shot by using an HDR technique, which I will post them in an upcoming post.

Around 2 p.m. we went to occupy a small area in the park and waited for the celebration to start. Sitting in the park among the crowd was not in the plan but if you’re there, believe me you don’t want to miss it.

I like it every time I’m there. It’s the way Swedes do it, it’s absolutely simple. A simple event that brings people with different generations in family and friends, together. Songs and dances are simple, they are like those that we did in school when we were 5 years old but here is parents dance with children or grandparents with grandchildren. Then, everyone from different families and places dances together and you can feel love and joy around.

Moreover, it’s only environmental friendly materials are used. People might make their own flower crowns and those flowers and leaves are easy to find in Swedish nature. A dance pole which gathers people together is made of wood and decorated with leaves and flowers.

The celebration lasted for an hour or two, then people gradually collected stuff they brought with them. Once everyone had left the place, it was clean as if there was no party there.

When we went back to the hotel, we was informed that there was a table reserved for us. So, we didn’t need to worry about food. This year we seemed to have too much alcohol which is also a vital part of the Swedish midsummer that I have heard.

Part 1: Gathering and waiting