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Orchids at home (Orkidéer hemma)

It was a spontaneous reaction to a tranquil moment in the afternoon. I was sitting at the table and working at the computer. Then, I looked at blooming orchids at the window. Suddenly, I got up from the seat and grabbed my camera.

At first, I pointed the camera at the flowers and thought for a second. Hmmm, I didn’t want the window as a background. I would like to have dark background similar to a regular setting that I often saw on the Internet. So, I looked for some paper that I could adapt. Yes, I had a piece of paper.

I used plastic tape to attach the paper to the window. EF-S 60mm macro, 32F, ISO 400, a tripod. Shot against the window. I got a flare when a distance to the flowers increased. So, I had to reduce the distance.

When I loaded photos to the computer, I saw immediately that there were room for improvement even though I really liked the light.

  • Too fast to push the shutter. I used manual focus and didn’t double check if the focus was at it best. So, I didn’t get the best sharpness
  • Too little time to fix the settings. Every time when I try to do it fast I can later see that something can be fixed in the picture by just taking time when shooting. But today I was pressed by time. I could take only a few shots. It was only 2:30 pm but the light was too little already. Try to shoot early next time.
  • Used mirror lock up. I knew I should have used it but I had no time to figure out how to set it. So the shaking came from the camera itself too. So, learn to know equipments.

Anyway, I really liked the result that I got. Also, those orchids are new. They are giving flowers for the second time. It is something exciting and new for me.