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Gripsholm Castle / Gripsholms slott

Last week I wrote that we were celebrating midsummer in Mariefred and did a shooting at the Gripsholm Castle.

I tried to shoot with HDR technique thanks to the weather, the colors of the pictures were amazing. The reason I used the HDR technique is because it was quite harsh shadows and I didn’t want to lose details of the subject in the shadow.

To merge the photos I used photoshop cs5 to process them, it’s not only give me more details that in the shadow but also more saturated colors to the picture.

Additionally, the landscape where I shot are already stunning by it own and I tried my best to save them in my photos.

It’s a mind blowing day of the midsummer in Mariefred, at Gripsholmsviken hotel. The weather, celebration and our trip were amazing then the summer weather was gone next day. It was showering and cloudy.

The castle

The hotel

The city

Next day


Stand out / Sticker ut

It’s not difficult to notice them while I was shooting at Gripsholmsviken, they just stood out. The rest was to be patient and wait until it stopped blowing and to isolate them from other plants beside.

Det var inte svårt att märka dem när jag fotograferade på Gripsholmsviken, de stack ut. Resten är att vara tålmodig och vänta mig på att det stoppade blåsa och isolerade dem från andra växter bredvid.