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[Frasier] A Quick Payback

Niles: Oh, oh, oh, is our dad and his lady friend still playing
         telescope footsy?  What was her name?
Frasier: Irene.  No, they’ve broken it off.
  Niles: Already?  I thought it was going so well.
Frasier: Well it was, but then they spoke once and Dad said that she
         wasn’t his type. So, it’s over – done! 
         He’s completely cut her out of his life.  I just don’t
         understand what would make him do that.
  Niles: Oh, who knows why anybody does anything?
Frasier: Remind me again what you do for a living? You see the thing
         is, it was just one phone call.  How can anyone make a sound
         judgment about another person on the basis of one phone
  Niles: Remind me again what it is YOU do for a living?
P.S. Well, you might know that what Niles and Frasier do for their living. Both are psychiatrists. Niles owns a private practise while Frasier hosts a phone-in radio show.

When Cranes Bros Learn to Fix the Engine

Randy: Whoa, whoa!  Remember, uh, spark plugs come out with a simple
         twist-and-pull.  Twist-and-pull.  Give it a try.

Frasier does, pulling hard.  Something snaps.

Randy: OK, uh, that’s called stripping it.
Niles: Good job, Frasier!  Here, let me strip one.
Randy: No, no, stripping it means breaking it.  Uh, watch me.

He takes the wrench and easily pops out a spark plug.

Frasier: So you… twist, and then pull.  You see, I was twisting and
         pulling simultaneously, as per your instructions: "twist-and
Niles: In the future, the phrase "twist, then pull" might help.

Salute Frasier

Still, I have been watching Frasier.
It’s the funniest, sophisticated comedy series I have ever watched. The show has well-written scripts and great character development. I know I’m kinda living in the jurassic park. The show had ended its last season when I first watched it. Frasier was first broadcasted in 1993 in the U.S. and had its final season in 2004. I just watched it last year thanks to my ex-roommate, Farah. Many thanks to her to recommend me the show.
Frasier won the Emmy Awards in Outstanding Comedy Series for five consecutive years (1994-1998); Kelsay won 4 Emmy awards for his lead actor role as Dr. Frasier Crane; David Hyde Pierce won 4 Emmy awards for his supporting actor role as Dr. Niles Crane; David also won the funniest supporting male performer from the Ameican Comedy Award for 5 consecutive years (1995-1999).
Why did this show win so many awards and have its show on TV primetime for 11 years? Now, I’m looking for a reason why the show had strong audience over 11 years and made me love it.
It is because Frasier was a loveable character who was always innocent in his pomposity. As he was described by Julia in Analyze Kisses of season 10, he was irritating but endearing. He loved to butt in to help people around him with their problems, (and that part of his job,) but most of the time he made the situation even worse. But most of his mistakes were forgivable because of his good heart. Frasier was essentially a good person and convicted that people were good that sometimes caused him troubles. Just like bad people take advantage of good people. 
Another reason could be the show was about family stories and bonds among family members. These are the stories that we live with every day. You can tell hundreds stories about family, it has new stories every day. Even though what was going on in Frasier’s family was not common and somewhat wierd yet delightful. I liked a concept of sibling rivalry between Frasier and his brother, Niles. They competed in everything, when one person had something another person had to have it, too. But it was presented in a lovely way. They were deadly competitive but with love and good intention. One of Martin’s birthday, for instance, Frasier and Niles competed on finding a greater birthday present for their very own father. Imagine if you were Martin, what would you feel when two great sons deadly wanted you to be happy with their gift? Would you blame them? They just wanted you to be happy on your birthday even though they stupidly spent their money but it’s their money and they had ability to generate it. So, on that year Martin just got over it and enjoyed the finding birthday gift competition.
Sometimes, the show was just ironic about life. Buying pricey gift was not a right way to show your love, but some people choose that way. And, so do Frasier and Niles. In one interview, Kelsey said Frasier was enormously human. That’s very true. He succeeded, he failed; he’s happy, he’s sad; he can joke, he can be serious. Above all, he has many of shallow side of human. He’s imperfect. By watching Frasier, you touch of real life.
There are a lot more why I find myself fall in love in this show.
Martin: I don’t know how to be Jewish.
Niles: Well, just answer questions with a question.
Martin: Like what?
Niles: What, I have to explain everything?
Martin: Can’t you give me an example?
Niles: What, I should give you an example?
Martin: Are you going to help me or not?
Niles: You’re saying I’m not being helpful?
Martin: Oh, forget it!
I grinned to myself with a delightful feeling, and hahahahahahaha!!!!!

[Frasier] Cranes Go Carribean

Frasier: Lilith?  Do you think I know how to be happy?
Lilith: Of course you do.  You just like a challenge.  You’ve never
         been one to take the easy road.
Frasier: Well, it seems I’ve skidded right off the road this time and
         into a ditch.  A deep one.
Lilith: Well, you could try to throw it into reverse and spin your
         wheels for a while.  Or you could get out into the ditch and
         get a little dirty.
Frasier: I see.  Lana’s the ditch, right?
Lilith: It’s your metaphor.
Frasier: Yes, well I guess I’ve got some thinking to do.  Thanks for
         talking, Lilith.
Lilith: Any time.  I love you Frasier.
Frasier: I love you too.
Competitions are pleasurable and delightful to me. Just in a moment that I desperately wanted some sort of accomplishment I wrote down an inspirational sentiment to remind myself "aim a little bit higher, try a little bit harder, to appreciate life a little bit more." Ironically enough, just when I think about their constantly extreme environment, it could sap all of my strength and willingness. I try so hard just not to be left behind but it seems I am being bullied by my great attempts. The harder I try the greater success I long for, and that makes me try even harder because I never know when enough is enough. My desires will never stop. But then again, if that is a reason for me to be happy with life, why don’t I do that? Just take a rest and relaxation when I feel tired before moving on.

[Frasier] Frasier Grinch

The more I watch it, the more I find that how beautiful and sophisticated scripts of Frasier’s are. So, there is another episode that I enjoy.
One caller called in to Frasier’s show and told his problem with getting on the plane. He had to travel 3000 miles every year to spend time at the dinner table with his family and just to talk about the "turkey." Here is advice given by Dr. Frasier Crane.
Frasier: "Oh boy, that’s moist.  You must have been basting that bird
         all day."
    Roz: "Are those walnuts in the stuffing?"
Frasier: "Oh god, I forgot to put the rolls in the oven."  I guess
         what I’m trying to say, Bob, is that we’re all in the same
         gravy boat.  But you see, the important thing is that we
         spend time with our loved ones.  Just think how you’d feel
         if you woke up tomorrow morning six thousand miles away from
         your home.
If you aware only results that your brain processes sensory information, then you may not see the happy reason of flying 3000 miles. Many of us have a simplistic analysis about situations in front of us and forget to examine below the surface. If you’re in trouble, sometimes talking to others like friends, co-workers, or family, they can borrow you their pair of sharp eyes. Look into the same situation but percieve a different picture. Talk to others, open your mind, and listen to them, like Bob did, then you may see your situation is improving.
    Bob: Well, I tell ya, that really puts it in perspective, doc. 
         I got a plane to catch.
Well, that’s all about setting up a right attitude on your problems, isn’t it?

[Frasier] Martin Does It His Way

Frasier: she taught us how important it is to pursue our
         dreams. Whether we succeed or fail, what
         really matters is that we tried.
Yes, what really matters is that we tried. So, find our dreams and follow them.

[Frasier] The Unkindest Cut Of All

Frasier: You know, Dad, a lot of people confuse not being in charge
         with not being respected.  I hope you’re not making that
         mistake, because you command a great deal of respect.
         There’s not a day in my life when I don’t hold myself up to
         the Martin Crane yardstick.  I guess a son always wants to
         make his father proud.