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A portrayal of the orchidaceae

These photos were taken last week after we got two new pots of orchids, one from AMJ and one from our friends, Mod and Di. Now we don’t have places left for more orchids or any flowers at the windows in the living room (but I still want more).

To me, when I placed them one after one at the windows to take photos, it was as if they were gorgeous models, each of which had its delightful characters and liked to pose in front of my camera.

The settings were simple, I shot with available light from the large windows in the living room which made my subject backlit. Then, I tried with different light metering to get exposures I preferred. After trying different shots, I liked when it’s overexposed on the background and  had a correct exposure on the orchids. With that I didn’t lose a glassy look of the glass pots and blurred the background at the same time. I also edited the photos by adding a vignette effect, so it emphasized the illumination from the backlighting.


A diverse orchids at the windows


Colors in the garden

Humlegården is a major park situated in Östermalm in Stockholm. It’s a place where I discovered recently after have been living in Stockholm for 5 years. Stockholm is not a big city but It’s me who have to be more curious about it.

I got even more excited after I had seen a statue of Carl von Linné a.k.a. Linnaeus just because he’s a renowned Swede whom I read about in my Swedish class. It’s like I found a small connection with the city where I live in. He was a botanist, physician and zoologist, who laid the foundation of the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature.

Moreover, around the statue there is a colorful botanical garden with interesting plants and flowers which I enjoy to take photos.

Man, I love this shot!

Charming orange

Mysterious violet

Elegant dark ruby

Dancing white

Playful pinky

Huggy pink

Refreshing green

All are about how I enjoyed the garden, here is how someone also enjoyed it.

Gripsholm Castle / Gripsholms slott

Last week I wrote that we were celebrating midsummer in Mariefred and did a shooting at the Gripsholm Castle.

I tried to shoot with HDR technique thanks to the weather, the colors of the pictures were amazing. The reason I used the HDR technique is because it was quite harsh shadows and I didn’t want to lose details of the subject in the shadow.

To merge the photos I used photoshop cs5 to process them, it’s not only give me more details that in the shadow but also more saturated colors to the picture.

Additionally, the landscape where I shot are already stunning by it own and I tried my best to save them in my photos.

It’s a mind blowing day of the midsummer in Mariefred, at Gripsholmsviken hotel. The weather, celebration and our trip were amazing then the summer weather was gone next day. It was showering and cloudy.

The castle

The hotel

The city

Next day

Stand out / Sticker ut

It’s not difficult to notice them while I was shooting at Gripsholmsviken, they just stood out. The rest was to be patient and wait until it stopped blowing and to isolate them from other plants beside.

Det var inte svårt att märka dem när jag fotograferade på Gripsholmsviken, de stack ut. Resten är att vara tålmodig och vänta mig på att det stoppade blåsa och isolerade dem från andra växter bredvid.

Orchid week 3

They bloom faster than I think. Four more have come this week and it should be at least four for the coming week, too. Here how they look like at week 3.

Sommar är här!

Den sista lektionen på SAS grund var i torsdag och vi gick ut och spelade cricket i Humlegården. Vi hade det så roligt tillsammans och det var en bra blandning av människor från olika länder. Till sist sa alla hur kände man om kursen på sitt språk. Det var lite roligt för vi förstod inte riktigt vad man sa men man kunde känna att det var en bra stämning.

Nu är det sommarlov och sommartid i Stockholm, så jag ger lite färger av sommar till alla!

Let me show you how to enjoy spring time

Today I went out to shoot flower photos in nature or to be precise in the garden. It’s a botanic garden, Bergianska trädgården, in Stockholm. The pictures are the results of two-hour work. Time flies when I looked at the time on the mobile phone but at the same time I felt it’d have been more than two hours.

I am really proud to present today’s photo set. I shot what I like such as small flowers in nature which we can often see them on the sides of the road, a green field that is full of common flowers, and not those that are rare to find.

I got too many pictures of tulips but I couldn’t help shooting them. They are so many and so beautiful with different backgrounds, angles, colors, and surroundings. And, I couldn’t decide which ones should be excluded.

But my favorite today is, how I could miss to look at the name. Well they have a heart-like shape and I just love lines and forms. It just looks like they are dancing in front of my camera. Oh man! this could have been a theme of my wedding if I had seen it earlier.

I got a bird in the photo set. I don’t usually do bird photos because I don’t have super zoom lens. But it sang to me today while I shoot flowers as if it wanted to be in my pictures. So, I shot few pictures, it posted. When I had finished then it left.

This is a real benefit of living in the city, in Vasastan, in Stockholm. It only takes me 10 minutes by public transportation from home. True nature at hand!.