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In the neighborhood

Walking around in the neighborhood and searching for a beautiful and relaxing scene, I ended up on this street.

One good thing with photography is it helps me to search for and see a simple and natural beauty, which is free to take.


Season Changes

It is this time of year again, the most photogenic season of the year. When leaves change colors and soon will leave the trees. We drove about an hour from Uttran and were somewhere in Gnesta. JJ discovered the route when he cycled as an exercise. It’s just a small spot in the middle of nowhere that stood out from its surrounding. We were driving, when I saw it I told JJ to pull over the car because I had to shoot here :). About 200-300 meters from the first spot, we found a small road which leaded to a private property. This was even a more secret place. We met two guys who just came back from hunting. There, trees lined up on both sides of the road which hided it from the main street and golden leaves covered the ground.

I didn’t expect much that day since it was very cloudy and looked like it could rain anytime.