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A Manager’s Vision

That’s why I like cartoon. It tells you something but it won’t say exactly what it wants to say. It’s not literal. You must have an ability of interpretation. And, a result varies on your experience, interest, and perception about the world.

If You Don’t Say It, It’s Your Fault

A man: I changed the product design.
Dilbert: It’s worse than the old design. 
A man: You asked me to come up with a new design.
Dilbert: I meant a new design that’s better than the old design.
A man: Great. You could have told me that before I did all of this work.
A man: How do you think this makes me feel?
A man: No one would blame me for hating you.
A man (thought) I’m the only sane person in this company.

It Hits Me

If it’s in Dilbert that means it’s not only happen to me or in a company I worked with. At least, it happens to Dilbert and Scott. It means it happens in the U.S. as well. Hehe.

A Thought of Devil

Ha! Ha! Ha! "The fact that you want it makes me hate you for getting it." That’s one of the cleverest jokes about egotistic animals. I like that Scott. In a tiny piece of time, I believe we all have a thought of devil.

The Marketing of Dogbert

You made a point here, Scott. I like that Carcinogens make you appreciate life.

Divide & Conquer

I wanna go to his school of management. This is a perfect devide & conquer tactic.