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Orchid Cymbidiums

Most ancestors of OrchiDiva® Cymbidiums come from the forests of the Himalayas at an altitude of 1200-2800 meters. The Asian Cymbidium Belt extends from the mountains in India to China, Korea and Japan, into the warmer South. There are 44 botanical species.

Cymbidium grows in nature both in the soil and on trees. Important hybrids were made in European castle gardens and were a hobby of the wealthy who wanted something special in their conservatories. Later, many crossings were made in California, Australia and the Netherlands.

From 1985 varied Cymbidium cultivation gained momentum mainly in the Netherlands.

I steal a scene from AMJ (hope it’s ok). They’re her flowers and a present from us. Orchid Cymbidiums, which have been grown with care for 5 years.