As a Lead Architect

My journey with the current company as a lead architect is going to start on Wednesday.

I plan to write about this journey to share my experience and challenges I face on the way from the start to the finish line.

When I accepted the job, I didn’t have all answers how to achieve the goals of this role. I only know that this is what I want to work with.

I know it is going to be tough, the road to the finish line is going to be rough. But, I know the moment when I pass the line, it’s going to feel great, absolutely fantastic.

I long for that moment and feelings.

This journey is also a therapy to my sickness. I don’t think I like it this way but I always choose a difficult way that I have to work on it and put an effort.

It’s a way for me to find a way back to love myself.

This return I have a slogan, “make it happen” to keep me focus on the goals and be motivated.

I expect that I feel tired, I work a lot, it’s difficult, people don’t agree with me, they talk about my work, my work is not perfect and many more.

Despite resistance, I’m going to learn to accept and handle it. I will continue practicing and improving until I’m comfortable with difficulty.

Now, it’s time for me to grow, to take the next step, to a higher position. Leadership, technical lead and communicator.


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