Batman Returns

The title has nothing to do with this post. I just need to give it a title and a clue that I’m returning to write this blog again.

I have a flashback memory that I set up a goal for writing and keeping myself going with this blog. When I reached the goal, it was like I had arrived my destination. I guess that was (part of) a reason I discontinued with this blog.

When I scrolled through old posts, I missed what I did in the past. This includes photography. Before my daughter was born, I thought I was going to shoot lots of baby photos. Fact was I did it occasionally far from documenting her 1st year with my professional camera.

Now, I have a second chance, the second child dues on 17 June. I’m looking for a new digital camera that is more practical to carry around. I also try to build new motivation to get back on photography as a hobby, finding something else to do outside office hours.

So writing this blog is one, doing photography is another one and combine them as I used to do.

I also plan to write about what is going on in my day, books I read, topics I am interesting in. Just to summarize my thought and hopefully improve my thinking process and communication skill by writing.

Okay, it’s enough about my return. Now, start writing real stuff.

Welcome back!



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