A Golden Year

I’m going to be a mother. With excellent welfare programs in Sweden, I am staying home the whole year. Until the baby is born I am home to collect energy for giving birth, prepare myself mentally on laboring (a birth plan has been written), read what I think it’s necessary when the baby comes home, fix the apartment as much as I can. I, also, have time left to think about my future plan and hope I will find time to execute it. I try to teach myself to draw and hope I can draw my baby. Photography is what I planned long time ago (it will be lots of baby photography) but drawing (sketching) is something really special that I wish I could.

I’m excited to meet the baby, myself and how our life will change. How will I develop as a mother? Will I be able to give unconditional love? Will I be able to raise my child as he/she want to be and not as how I want him/her to be? How will I balance time for the baby and career? Will I be able to find all answers to my questions in time?

It’s all so exciting!


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