A plan for Stavanger

In a three week period, we are going to trek in the oil capital of Norway, Stavanger. The city does not only have oil but also great nature.

Our plan is to visit 

1) the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)
This rock formation is 604 meters over the Lysefjord. The hike is 3.8 km, height difference is 350 meters. Estimate hiking time is 2 hours one way. Read more.

2) Kjerag
Our activities continue to be around the Lysefjord. To hike to Kjerag will allow us to see the Lysefjord from another end (another end is at the Pulpit Rock). We will go on a marked path in the rugged and beautiful terrain from Øygardstøl into Kjerag. It takes about 5 hours back and forth. See the route.

3) the Lysefjord
This day we plan to spend time on the fjord itself, a kayak tour along the fjord. The starting point is around the spot where we hike to Kjerag, then kayak along the fjord, probably ends around where the Pulpit Rock stands. Read more.


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