Logbook from Åre: ski day 1

An exciting part of the trip was uncertainty of the weather esp. in mountain areas. We were able to rely on the hour-by-hour forecast, still it could be illusive sometimes.

We didn’t expect to do much today when we woke up, it might not be possible to ski. Then, the weather totally changed and it was the first time I could see the whole, long mountain range, from the top to its foot, which lied along Åre lake.

From the restroom

From the restroom

Golden Årekutan

From the balcony

The key keeper

The key keeper who was deeply buried under snow yesterday

Hard work before skiing

Hard work before skiing, JJ made a very nice pathway with leveled steps for us and the neighbors.

Panorama from Åre Björnen

Panorama from a sidewalk on Åre Björnen

After the first turn on the road from our cabin, my degree of happiness just went up to its peak, I got excited with the landscape and nature in front of my eyes and it really made me want to ski!



On the way to ski lifts

If it was like this, I could go skiing every day!

Picked up our ski equipment

Picked up our ski equipment

After few hours of skiing, it’s time to feed ourselves and JJ was rewarded with good beer for being a patient ski teacher ^^.

Eating at Carins Korg was double expensive as eating in regular restaurants but there were not so many choices. After tasting the first bite, there was a reason that it could put those prices. Food there were really, really good. Wallenbergare was juicy and had crispy exterior and fantastic presentation. However, Gulaschsoppa was nothing special.

Wallenbergare at Carins Korg

Wallenbergare at Carins Korg

Gulaschsoppa at Carins Korg

Gulaschsoppa at Carins Korg

First lesson on Nallebacken :D

First lesson on Nallebacken 😀

Someone still worked

Someone still worked to deliver a master piece.

That’s all for today.


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  1. เจริญ says :

    Very fantastic ,can’t animate how cool it is.

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