A portrayal of the orchidaceae

These photos were taken last week after we got two new pots of orchids, one from AMJ and one from our friends, Mod and Di. Now we don’t have places left for more orchids or any flowers at the windows in the living room (but I still want more).

To me, when I placed them one after one at the windows to take photos, it was as if they were gorgeous models, each of which had its delightful characters and liked to pose in front of my camera.

The settings were simple, I shot with available light from the large windows in the living room which made my subject backlit. Then, I tried with different light metering to get exposures I preferred. After trying different shots, I liked when it’s overexposed on the background and  had a correct exposure on the orchids. With that I didn’t lose a glassy look of the glass pots and blurred the background at the same time. I also edited the photos by adding a vignette effect, so it emphasized the illumination from the backlighting.


A diverse orchids at the windows


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2 responses to “A portrayal of the orchidaceae”

  1. myschoolhouserocks says :

    Very nice. Just starting to learn about orchids!

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