Visiting Tännforsen

We discussed at home that this year we needed to fasten our belts on travelling budget. On the 5th of January, I recognize that I’m searching for info to plan our vacation in Spring. Oops!

Well, nobody to blame in this case and it’s the trip to Åre that has inspired me to either seeing more in Sweden or within Europe (I have a devilish thought that I’m gonna have both). To be fair to myself or to find a good excuse, it’s not an unwise idea to travel domestically or travel to some countries in Europe because it doesn’t need to be expensive.

The trip to Åre has really brought back my appetite in travelling. Deeply I realize that I expect similar experience as I had from Åre, that there were so many natural wonders, warm moments from Christmas with the family and dramatic experiences from skiing and visiting the nature in Norrland.

I almost fall in my own trap of the good end-results of the trip. In reality, there are many factors that are out of our control when we travel, for example, bad weather resulting in no ideal scenes for photos. Therefore, we should not allow such things to stop our happiness. Instead, we should always enjoy the moment when we are on the trip, to experience, to learn, to appreciate, to thank and to live.

Below is another set of photos, shot at the Tännforsen waterfall, the largest waterfall in Sweden. It’s not enough to describe in words the moment when I was on location, searching for the waterfall. It was like you know you’re about to meet your hero or something similarly. It was because when I was told about the trip, I was also shown a picture of the waterfall in winter, therefore, I was hoping to visualize it with my eyes and at that time we were unsure if it’s possible since it’s early winter.

Once I was there, at that very moment, it was peaceful and calm, it seemed the world stood still but it’s not because it had life. Then, it came the sound of the powerful waterfall.

Peaceful and calm yet powerful

Peaceful and calm yet powerful

Natural wonder in Tännforsen

Natural wonder in Tännforsen when temperature gets lower

A flow of life

A flow of life

When coldness comes

Even in coldness there is a beauty


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15 responses to “Visiting Tännforsen”

  1. jonathanochart says :

    I’ve never seen a frozen waterfall before, so captivating! If I ever get the chance to go up north I might have to check this place out. Thanks for sharing, and hope your New Year is off to a good start (:

    – Jonathan I

  2. jakann says :

    Perfekt minne av Tännforsen, med en person som ser det som är viktigt bakom kameran. Vilket härligt minne/ Tack Joakim guide, tack Jay fotograf!

  3. berthamakes says :

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  4. simonsundarajkeun says :

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  5. เจริญ says :

    สวยมากๆ มหัศจรรย์ธรรมชาติ

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