Winter wonders

Happy New Year 2013!

It feels good when saying it, however, I prefer the version when saying it to a person and not on facebook, twitter, blogs, or other social media.

I mentioned, before I was off for a Christmas vacation, that I was going to Åre which is one of the most popular destination for Swedish skiers.

The ski area in Åre was founded in 1909 and is situated just outside and above the village of Åre. The mountain where people go skiing is Åreskutan, which is 1,420 meter-high.

One thing I like most about Sweden and Åre is you don’t need to have a car to be able to travel and enjoy outdoor activities. In the city, there are buses that run between the city and different slopes. It’s also possible to get to Åre by train, the train station just stop in the city, then it depends on where you stay, which you might require transportation.

Even though, the most common activity of people who visit Åre in winter is for winter sports, I find that it’s worth a visit for people who can’t ski like me, it is still abundant of natural wonders. And, you won’t want to miss it, if you are from a tropical country, have never seen snow in your life, have never experience real cold winter, and has just a few years in Sweden. All are worth the visit. It’s a valuable experience of staying aboard.

Last station

Last station

Two skyscrapers defy the coldness

Defying the coldness

It could have been an untouched place for a hundred years

It could have been an untouched place for a hundred years

A frozen meeting place

Frozen meeting place

Freeze over!

Freeze over!

Struggle in deep snow

Struggle in deep snow

Travelling in the frozen land

Travel in the frozen land

Coldness just disappeared when I saw this view

Coldness just disappeared when I saw this view


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6 responses to “Winter wonders”

  1. says :

    Amazing photos!!! What was the temperature? How cold was there? It seems a place that you see only in movies! Btw, awsome!

    • wnattawan says :

      Thank you sooo much Ilaria. It was -7c in the village that day. I felt it looks colder in the photos than it really was. Part of it could be I chose to take photos that gave me that feeling and I got amazed myself when I was there. Somehow it looks so artificial but it was there ^^.

  2. bebs1 says :

    It looks very cold to me and I am in Chicago where it is 26 deg. F.

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