Thai vermicelli with curries

Thai main dish is rice but there are other choices when eating curry. In fact, there are no strict rules about eating as far as it is edible and you like it.

If you like Thai foods, I guess that you also know chicken green curry. During the trip, one morning mom cooked green curry with fish ball. Either meat is common to have in the green curry. But chicken seems to be more common in restaurants. Another morning mom made fish yellow curry to be served with Thai vermicelli.

A secret of the first dish, apart from the paste, is the fish ball. (I should ask mom to write down her recipes) Mom’s fish ball was made of fish 100%, then seasoned with white pepper and salt. I think this is typical homemade food that you can have more meat or good meat than food bought from supermarket.

When you eat at home, you will make a newly cooked dish when serving and therefore it can preserve nice colors of vegetables. To do so, well boil the soup, put all vegetables, then turn off the heat. Only if there are vegetables that need to be cooked, then you will need to leave the heat on for a while or until those vegetables are soft. If the vegetables are overcooked, they turn black which also remove a look of fresh and yummy food.

Fish ball green curry with various fresh vegetables

Fish ball green curry with various fresh vegetables

Thai vermicelli with fish ball green curry

One is not enough!


Thai vermicelli with fish yellow curry (southern style) or ‘Kanom Jeen Nam Ya Tai’


When served!


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2 responses to “Thai vermicelli with curries”

  1. says :

    I would love lo learn to cook these beautiful dishes you post! They look so delicious!
    Maybe you should ask your mum on writing down her recipes… but I think it would be not so easy for me to find the ingredients….

    • wnattawan says :

      Ilaria, thank you for the comment. I’ll ask her. A problem could be that she never measures anything :). Mmmm, if you’d like to have the same ingredients as we use in Thailand that might be difficult, but it works to replace or skip some ingredients or use other vegetables. It also works with instant paste, which I use it, too. For the sake of my laziness ^^

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