A photo assignment

Three weeks ago I did a shooting for AMJ’s friend who would like to have photos for a homepage of her salon. I didn’t hesitate to take a chance. If it was a year ago, I might not take it because of fear. I feared to fail and for critics. I still have that fear but also have a better way to handle it. Fear will always be there when I shoot as an assignment, I guess, because I will always have expectation on my work. On the other hand, I let it be there and focus on what I can do, then I have a chance to get some good results and be more comfortable to live with the fear I have.

It was the second time that I shot photos as an assignment and able to manage the fear much better than the first time. How? Just do it, whatever will be will be, prepare to take any feedback then give my best. I’m not saying that I’m good. I also did it for free and therefore, the pressure was not as high as when people charge for the service. However, I feel good about myself that I opened arms and accepted the chance. It’s a good sign.

Now, I want to continue giving a free service. I think it’s fun and has lots to learn. There are things to think while shooting. At first when I was on the place, I didn’t really know where to start, what to shoot, how the pictures should look like. Then, I started to stand on different spots, looked at things and told myself “if don’t know, then shoot a lot and from different angles. You’re not a pro and use a digital camera, should take this advantage.

Then, I shot a lot, moved things around and set things up. In the end, I got some good photos, learned from the situation, gained good lessons to improve my photos and laughed at my own mistakes.

I hope my story will encourage others, who share the fear, to feel the fear and go for what you want to do. The result never gets as bad as your imagination.

Segersjö Salongen
Segersjövägen 16, Uttran
147 61 Sweden


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