Berlin Outside the Museums

I didn’t believe it myself that we spent this much time in museums and started to complain that I hadn’t seen Berlin much, even though, an idea to visit museums was mine.

Here comes a moment when any guy would get confused with complexity of women’s emotions. As soon as we’d finished with the museums, I said now we had to see something else and made it sounded like it was not my idea to go to the museums from the beginning.

You might be able to guess. Usually guys don’t bother much with this kind of behavior of women and they just get along to keep us happy and make a good couple 🙂

But, as soon as we had time to sit down and JJ had time to drink beer, I started to complicate the situation.
“I start to lose interest in traveling lately, it’s not as enthusiastic as before. what did you do when you’re on a trip?” blah blah blah.
You know, just babble like many girls usually do and JJ just let me continue because he knows this is the only way to make girls stop. 😀

So, we’re at Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof)

After that complicated conversation, I realized that I got lots of influence from Dad. A train station? See how it looks like and take a picture of a train station? This is not originally my thing. It’s Dad. He often asked when I traveled before how train stations looked like, its building, trains, architecture.

U55 is a new subway line, runs between Hauptbahnhof and Brandenburger Tor and has only three stations.

After that, we went to a historical place, Brandenburger Tor, a gate that stood through heavy bombardment in Berlin during WWII. This is the best shot we got, not the gate but us 🙂

Then, we walked around, passed the Hotel Adlon and Reichstag then brought ourselves to Potsdamer Platz. JJ asked what to see here. I said LEGO LAND and Sony Center 😀 and JJ was -_-!

I saw this creative activity that everyone had to (should) bike to get it going, at the same time, everyone was drinking beer. I was unsure if they would get fit or drunk by doing it. But it looks fun.

My feet started to kill me (it also says that I’m getting old) so we took U to Checkpoint Charlie. The name gets famous because it was mentioned in many Hollywood movies, but I had no idea about it until I decided to go to Berlin). There are other checkpoint, too, such as Checkpoint Alpha, Checkpoint Bravo. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are NATO phonetics for A, B and C, respectively. Okay, historical information about Checkpoint Charlie is it was a crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.

It says the Berlin Wall (1961 – 1989) on Zimmerstraße. I can’t German and lost my face when asking JJ who was Berliner Mauer.

That’s day 2. We were on foot back to the hotel and dipped ourselves in the pool at the hotel.



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