A Holiday in Berlin

It has been some time that I didn’t update my blog because I was busy with a new job. It’s also a reason why I took only two days of this summer. With those two days we had four full days in Berlin.

We tried a new budget airline, Norwegian Air but it didn’t give good impression about flying budget. The flight was delayed for an hour and the plane didn’t have wifi. Not a big deal because then I could sleep for two hours and a half.

It might be a bad day for the captain, I could feel when the plane touched the ground it had too high speed. We arrived at Schönfeld airport late and I was tired and when I’m tired my mood is unstable. JJ said it would be fun if we got ourselves to a TV program where a couple competes with other couples in traveling. We will be fun to watch.

We stayed at Hilton. The hotel has very good location. An entrance to Stadtmitte station on U2 is just right in front of the hotel and across the street is Deutscher Dom.

Walking in Berlin is like walking in a 3D museum but with a 1:1 scale since lots of important building were rebuilt after WWII. I was lost in an ancient city, Pergamon at a temporary exhibition at the Pergamon Museum. The Pergamon model showed in the museum just showed how a heaven on earth looked like.

Day 1, we lose ourselves in museums on the Museum Island, climbed up the Berliner Dom, drank Berliner Pilsner and ate some Berlin food.

The Altes Museum (Old Museum)
The building is a work of Karl Freidrich Schinkel, a prominent Prussian architect.

Berliner Dom (from the Altes Museum)

Taken from Berliner Dom. Friedrichswerder Church on the bottom left, Deutscher Dom in the middle, Französischer Dom in the middle right and Captive Balloon Hi-Flyer at Checkpoint Charlie.

Lustgarten from Berliner Dom

A map of Berlin

Spree River

Angels on the roof of Berliner Dom

Angels on the roof of Berliner Dom


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