Colors in the garden

Humlegården is a major park situated in Östermalm in Stockholm. It’s a place where I discovered recently after have been living in Stockholm for 5 years. Stockholm is not a big city but It’s me who have to be more curious about it.

I got even more excited after I had seen a statue of Carl von Linné a.k.a. Linnaeus just because he’s a renowned Swede whom I read about in my Swedish class. It’s like I found a small connection with the city where I live in. He was a botanist, physician and zoologist, who laid the foundation of the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature.

Moreover, around the statue there is a colorful botanical garden with interesting plants and flowers which I enjoy to take photos.

Man, I love this shot!

Charming orange

Mysterious violet

Elegant dark ruby

Dancing white

Playful pinky

Huggy pink

Refreshing green

All are about how I enjoyed the garden, here is how someone also enjoyed it.


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