Orchid week 1-2

A new batch of the orchid flowers is coming. I can count 29 buds on one of them and 21 buds on another one which will make 50 flowers in total. I can’t wait to see all of them bloom at the same time. 50 orchid flowers. OMG! This is a new and huge success in my planting experience.

Usually it has only two spikes per plant. Now there are three on each of them. One of them seems to give a cluster of nine flowers on each spike and another gives a cluster of seven flowers. I’m still amazed how it can be three spikes on each plant and it happens on both of the plants. Both of them also have new leaves but not as many new stems as previous year.

AMJ says it is because now they have perfect light and temperature. She also gave me a tip how to cut spikes after flowers have left. I’ve followed it and it works. Maybe this is a reason why I get three this year. Basically, I only need to cut spikes when they become brown or yellow and if they’re green there can be more flowers.

Two days ago the first flower arrived :).


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5 responses to “Orchid week 1-2”

  1. mango.shenanigans says :

    love all the shots!!

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