Time for Two

Sometimes when you look back and try to find connections between things in your life, you will find that life is wonderful and surprising.

I always think that my life is full of wonders. A year ago, I was in a salon to do my hair. A year later, I was unintentionally in the same salon with the same hairdresser to do my hair. And, he still does great work, always does things a little bit extra for my money :). To me what happened was like a dejavu. He made bridal hair and did makeup for me a year ago, then the same day this year, I did similar activity, of course, it was not bridal stuff.

But, that was not my plan for the day, I just found out a connection later. We didn’t think or I didn’t think it’s important to celebrate but it’s kinda fun for me to do something. I hope we don’t set this as a standard that it has to continue like this every year.

Thanks to the Internet, the notion of sharing information and AMJ, I found good recipes. In fact, it’s a mix of the three recipes. And, one is from a book that I got from AMJ 😉 You’re always around us and fix things for us.

We are lucky that I manage to not destroy the meat because I couldn’t find a thermometer for the meat. Not sure if we threw it away when we moved or not. Still wonder where it is.

Before the meat get cold. Let’s eat! Skål!




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