Try kid photography

I don’t do much of people photography because I’m so bad to start and continue a conversation with them. Therefore, subjects like flowers, nature and landscape fit me better.

But if I do, I usually do it with my family and closed friends . It’s because, first, I don’t feel confident with my skills. Second, when people see a photographer with a DSLR camera or equipment that looks more complicated than a point-and-shoot camera, they tend to expect good pictures. And then I just can’t stand such expectations even though what they think is not always correct. And then, I try to avoid it.

But it doesn’t seem to be a good solution because I still need to practice. I know it sounds conflict in itself. I’m a novice who wants to be better but afraid of critics. So, it’s obvious that I’ll never be better.

So what da heck! Let do it when I get a chance. Don’t be stupid to myself that people won’t like my pictures. They dob’t need to like my pictures and they don’t pay for any of my services either. Just try to have fun when shooting with them and at the same time I can improve my social skill.

After successfully convincing myself, I grabbed my camera and tried to build a friendship with a boy. He’s shy and hardly looked directly to me but I think he liked that I took his photos. But that is not my major problem and I only need more time with him to fix it. But the main problem is my lens is not fast enough, I felt it when I shot. During the shooting he looked at me for few seconds then he pulled himself back again. So, I really need a fast lens and camera to be able to capture those seconds.


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2 responses to “Try kid photography”

  1. mairaalbuquerque says :

    I disagree!!! I think you did really well! I think you have the skills, I love the soft light coming from a window, I like his expressions… I would just say for you to go little lower and photograph at his eyes’ level and to make sure that, when he is looking towards the camera, there are some catchlights in his eyes (so it doesn’t look like zombie’s eyes!).

    As for the lens, I think having a 1.8 or wider would give you enough speed and light. Consider pre-focusing and using as much settings as you can in auto mode so you can concentrate more on the composition and capturing the kid playing/dancing/running/doing kid stuff.

    And that’s it 🙂 You are good!

    Kram! Maira

    • wnattawan says :

      Thanks Maira for a wonderful comment. I had f/1.8 and that is the maximum I can have, with iso 400. I don’t want to go higher because of the limitation of my camera. I often get noise from 800. I will try the techniques you suggested when I have an opportunity next time 😉

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