Let me show you how to enjoy spring time

Today I went out to shoot flower photos in nature or to be precise in the garden. It’s a botanic garden, Bergianska trädgården, in Stockholm. The pictures are the results of two-hour work. Time flies when I looked at the time on the mobile phone but at the same time I felt it’d have been more than two hours.

I am really proud to present today’s photo set. I shot what I like such as small flowers in nature which we can often see them on the sides of the road, a green field that is full of common flowers, and not those that are rare to find.

I got too many pictures of tulips but I couldn’t help shooting them. They are so many and so beautiful with different backgrounds, angles, colors, and surroundings. And, I couldn’t decide which ones should be excluded.

But my favorite today is, how I could miss to look at the name. Well they have a heart-like shape and I just love lines and forms. It just looks like they are dancing in front of my camera. Oh man! this could have been a theme of my wedding if I had seen it earlier.

I got a bird in the photo set. I don’t usually do bird photos because I don’t have super zoom lens. But it sang to me today while I shoot flowers as if it wanted to be in my pictures. So, I shot few pictures, it posted. When I had finished then it left.

This is a real benefit of living in the city, in Vasastan, in Stockholm. It only takes me 10 minutes by public transportation from home. True nature at hand!.


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