A source of my happiness

My happiness depends very much on my performance that day. Today is not so impressive in the class just because of my ability to express my thought in Swedish. It is so irritating. Five years ago it was English which was the problem and now it is Swedish. I know I should not think too much this is why I am there. Since I am who I am, I won’t just let it pass. I will ponder about it and be a bit unhappy but this is how I can become better.

I don’t have so much problem to understand what have been taught in the class but to share and express my thoughts is still a main obstacle. I really want to communicate well and accurately because it reflects who I am and what I can. I also like to exchange and challenge ideas, of course, in the subjects that I am interested. Most of all, I want to give compliment or show sympathy when it is needed because I believe this is a small and effortless thing that can make a big difference to another person.

Now anyone who reads my blog or even myself when I read it in the future might wonder what I am talking about, which class, and what I am doing. I am during an IT training in testing, test leading and project leading. After two days of the project leading course, I don’t think it is much about leading a project, it is only the planing part that we learn in the class. I plan to write about it in a later post. Back to the training, the challenge, for me, is all the courses are in Swedish. Over the last 2 weeks, I have become an active listener and been practicing to listen to Swedish 7 hours a day, 5 days a week and the whole education takes 15 days. I raised questions and ideas sometimes but it is relatively rare.

I have learned lots of IT vocabulary. It is not so difficult actually since Swedish and English are so similar in the way that Swedish borrows an abundance of English words, then amends them to sound like Swedish words. I have discovers a bunch of words, for example, att signera is from to sign, att escalera is from to escalate. However, it is also important to train myself to reasoning in Swedish instead of translating Swedish to English, then reasoning. It should be a natural process when learning a language, no one translates his/her mother tongue yet understand it by heart.

Huhh! Jag borde skriva detta på Svenska men det går inte att utveckla idéer på Svenska. Det finns mer att beklaga men jag blir trött på att lyssna på mig själv. Jag borde sluta här och börja granska vad jag lärt idag.

P.S. Despite my poor Swedish, I can and enjoy to get along with others in the class. They are very nice and kind to me.


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