Will we work until 75 years old?

This week, in the news, the prime minister of Sweden has brought up an idea that Swedes will work until 75. Nowadays people start their retirement at age 65 or earlier and 67 is the latest that you are allowed to work.
This news really has my attention. First, in my opinion, Swedes work hard. By hard I actually mean they work effectively under 8 hours of the working hours. They might work more but it might not make they feel that they are working because they love what they work with. Unlike most of us (Thais), they don’t really need to work to have a decent life. They have a good life but many of us struggle to have a good life. Now they will work even more.

The news makes me think about two things that are quite different. Firstly, as a girl from a developing country, I want Thailand to have good social systems that are beneficial to majority of the country. I know that it has been many times in the news that Thailand talks about social systems in Sweden and we want to have one of those. But nothing is free in this world. If the whole country start to work hard (and smart), then we deserve to have good social systems. Now the Swedish goverment starts to think that Swedes might need to work upto 75 because the social systems have costs and people tend to live longer.

Secondly, who want to work when they are 75? I wonder if it’s possible to work at that age. We are becoming to live longer but I’m not sure that we will hear, see, and move as when we are young. Have we found any treatment that can delay dementia in human? I’m the one who doesn’t want to work at 75. At least it shold not be necessary to work. Probably as a volunteer or work with my hobbies. I think humans have different focuses at different ages. At 75, I guess I’ll be searching for peace in life and pass some good hopes to the next generation. It’s better to work hard when I’m young and enjoy the fortune and success when I’m old.

In the end I think everyone deserves to have a good life. For ones who don’t have a good life, they might not know how to get one or it’s difficult for them to get one. But for ones who have a good life and don’t share or help the ones who don’t have, it’s a shame on you.


2 responses to “Will we work until 75 years old?”

  1. susannemoore says :

    In Australia we need to work until we ate 75 because we have a very large number of Baby Boomers retiring but not enough younger people to pay enough tax to support the aging population. For many of us that previously could have retired at 55 for women and 65 for men, pur government has now extended the minimum age of retirement to 70. It is now very inportant to stay fit and healthy for longer, and the added time to work opens up new possibilites for many. I certainly intend to work for as long as i can.

    • wnattawan says :

      Hey Susanne. It’d be interesting to hear what was the first reaction from the generation who needs to work longer. Working at the older age is not an unpleasant thing, on the contrary, the ones who can should enjoy it and feel valuable since many of us get depressed after retirement.
      I wish I could work with what I love, then I would be happy. For now, I don’t want this kind of work, to come to office Mon-Fri between 8-17. My first reaction to the information was not so pleasant but as time goes by I think I’ll learn to handle it and understand if we need to.

      At 20, I want to die young as I don’t want to live unhealthily. As of now, it’s better to live long as life is too short to finish my todo list. 🙂

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