An easy chocolate truffles recipe (Ett enkelt chokladtryffel recept)

I found this recipe on the package of Fazer 70% premium chocolate bar. The recipe is very simple, not so sweet and doesn’t need butter.

Detta recept står på Fazer 70% premium chockladkakas paket. Det är mycket enkelt, inte så söt och har inget smör.

Ingredients (Ingredienser)
100g Fazer 70% premium chocolate bar
1 dl heavy cream (for whipping) eller vispgrädde
0.5 dl icing sugar  eller frorsocker

Instructions (Tillagning)
Using a double boiler method to melt chocolate bar. Warm up the heavy cream separately from the chocolate until it gets small bubbles around the container, then removes it from heat. Don’t whip it, the cream should not get so much air in it. Add icing sugar to the cream. Stir it until all sugar melts. Add the cream to the chocolate. Gently stir until they blend perfectly. We now have ganache. Leave our ganache in the refrigerator to cool it down. You can leave it overnight but I have no patient so I only did it for few hours. When the ganache forms itself, use a teaspoon or a mellon scoop to make chocolate balls. Then, roll them in cocoa powder.

Smälta choklad med dubbel kastrulls metoden. Värma grädde tills den får bubblor. Vispa den inte. Vi vill inte ha luft i grädden. Lägg i frorsocker i grädden. Röra tills sockret är smält. Blanda grädden med choklad. Röra tills de är väl blandad. Nu har vi gjort ganache. Lägg ganache i kylskåpet över natt. Använda en tesked eller en melonskopa att göra choklad bollar. Rulla bollarna på chokladpulver.

Believe it or not this is very easy. I got a good result from the first time. I wonder how it will be if I use less heavy cream.


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