A secret of baked bread

I love homemade food. Freshly baked bread really does the job. The idea popped up when we visited the Ericsson-Löfberg family. Usually, we stay over and next morning the family has newly baked bread for breakfast. I love it. It is much different in taste and feeling.

This is similar to when grandma (in fact, she’s a sister of my mother’s father) was alive. My family lived with her. Later, when we moved out we still lived very close to her. She always cooked at home. It didn’t matter how complicated the cooking was she always prepared all ingredients herself. I loved her food and the feeling that she always had food for us. If we were not home when she made it, she always saved it for us.

So, last Friday, JJ and I went to a bookstore before going home. We bought a baking book and some missing ingredients. Yesterday, after dinner, we made bread and left it in the fridge for the yeast to work over night. And, this morning we have newly baked bread on the table. I wish we had more people to share the bread, but we started with two (for now). Above all, it makes a difference to our weekend and a small apartment a home.


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