The sun doesn’t shine every day here

It seems true that how we appreciate things depends very much on a number of them and how much we long for them. This is something I find after I’ve moved to Sweden.
A weather forecast for this weekend says the sunny week soon finish and there might be rain but the warm will continue.
Summertime in Sweden (Stockholm) is known as the best and most beautiful time to be here. I couldn’t agree more when it’s a sunny day and temperature is about 22-25 degrees outside. Even you’re in the city, you find it enormously enjoyable.
After having read the forecast, I feel so glad that I didn’t miss a nice, warm Friday evening, even today I plan for kayak.
I told myself, enjoy every moment you can, the sun doesn’t shine every day here. Even better. Enjoy every moment you have, you won’t breathe forever.


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