In Cities and Nature

In this route, we saw different landscape, did different kinds of activities in different locations from cities to nature and experienced different weather and people in tourism business.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geneva – A Gate to Switzerland (12:30 am)

We flew with SAS from Arlanda airport in Stockholm. We planned to do absolutely nothing in Geneva. It was only a gate to Switzerland for us. We validated our swiss passes and got on a train directly to Lausanne.

Lausanne – An Olympic City (2:00 pm)

We had a Lausanne guide application on iPad. It suggested different walks in the city and around. Too bad, we only visited few main locations since it never stopped raining when we were there. The Cathedral is a must. Its age makes itself very interesting. Budget travelers should consider to stay at Lausanne GuestHouse and Backpacker. The place is near to Lausanne train station. It offers free wifi in a cosy lobby. On a sunny day you can have a beautiful view of Lake Geneva from the room. One of our rooms has a large balcony.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Berne – A City of Bear (1:00 pm)

It only takes 1h from Lausanne and 2h30m to Zermatt by train and it is a UNESCO World Heritage city. So why should we miss it? Today was very packed with activities. Walked in the old town of Lausanne in the morning and in the old town of Berne in the afternoon before catching a train to rest in Zermatt. I thought I could have enjoyed the city of Berne more if it hadn’t rained. Importantly, we saw bears.

Zermatt – Show Me Snow! (7:00 pm)

One hard requirement of the trip, it must have snow. It was the first time that my parents saw snow and walked in snow. It’s not only snow on the ground but also it was snowing when we’re at Trockener Steg. Can you imagine a place with snow and very warm sun? It was like that on Gornergrat. We had expensive dinner on the second day in Zermatt. It didn’t work so well for us when we’re willing to pay. We had to wait for our food for an hour because they seemed to mix up our orders. I think I should stay with being low profile when traveling.

Friday, June 3, 2011

St. Moritz – Just Came to Sleep (6:00 pm)

It’s a shame that we sat in a train for 8 hours just to sleep here. St.Morizt was not our focus in the trip. We’re here because it’s the last station where the Glacier Express train stopped. And we had to come here to see a view when the train was crossing a high, spiral bridge. In fact, we got much better views of the bridge when we left St.Moritz next morning with a normal train. It was very early on Saturday morning, not many passengers, it’s only us in the 1st class compartment. And we could lower windows. But we didn’t stay in our compartment but walked to the last bogie before the train was about to cross the bridge. Traveling cost was cheaper, the train was more exclusive, and I could take photos while on the Glacier Express train, windows had high reflection and couldn’t be opened. Only one good thing was the Glacier Express train went much slower.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lucerne – A City to Come Back (12:00 pm)

My sisters and I were here 4 years ago. We liked the city a lot and this time we wanted to come back with our parents. We had a very good time and were lucky with the weather. Talk about luck with weather (and stuff), it’s really how you look at them. For us what happened in the trip was, we were very lucky. When we went on the lake, water color was not emerald as we saw last time but we’re lucky that it’s not rain. When JJ and I were on Mt. Pilatus and walked to the Tomlishorn peak there was a sea of fog, my parents, sisters and Bank saw an ibex. When we went down with cables, it was lots of clouds, we couldn’t see the view below. Then, we had a unique experience, we dived into the cloud, after a while, we gradually see a view of the city and the clouds slowly disappears. It’s amazing. We also had time to try toboggan. No rains. Next morning it was sunny where we enjoyed the nine towers, the city and the wooden bridge.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lauterbrunnen – A Stay in Nature (2:00 pm)

For me when I planned the trip, this was when I got excited. Views in the village were incredibly beautiful. It had a large network of natural trails. And it might be possible for us to do river rafting. River rafting in Switzerland! I couldn’t wait. I rented two apartments, one with 2 bedrooms and a studio. It turned about to be a luxurious summer house of the owner’s family. We’re very happy with it. We met the owner at the train station, he drove from Berne to meet us. We used his house with care because the place is so beautiful. We had a fully-equipped and modern kitchen in the big apartment, we enjoyed using it a lot. Next day we walked half way to Mürren and then took a train. It’s a pity that dad couldn’t go with us because he had pain in his legs. But he’s the one who used the house the most and shot lots of videos that day. And today we had big dinner. I couldn’t stand to try the kitchen. Next day, dad fixed it, he went the same route we did yesterday. We were late to leave for Geneva but I didn’t care, I liked to be in Lauterbrunnen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Geneva – An Exit from Switzerland (6:00 pm)

Geneva for me it’s only a gate to or an exit from Switzerland. It’s the third time for me to come here, yet I’ve never visited the city. I had lots of, lots of troubles with the hotel which we booked months in advanced. The troubles started since we checked in, again in late evening, again next morning, and even when we checked out. Only this one that we felt we’re so unlucky. When I chose to pay it brought me troubles. So, I decide I will only do budget traveling (ha ha). However, in the end, the GM of the hotel tried to fix what happened for us. We got reimbursement for two rooms out of four. It’s OK. So, no more Geneva for me as a private trip, only business trip. I could only be happy when we got on the plane.


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