DIY wedding invitation card

After a month of buying an application called ArtRage for iPad, I can finally make use of it. Also, I have to thank the person who posted her card on internet. I found it a lovely card and it’s even more lovely when I can do it myself even though the idea is not originally from me. I had a couple of versions of the card and JJ who said “like” and “like this one better” :). I also got some comments from AMJ before it became the printed version. The most difficult lines to draw are JJ’s eyes. I don’t know why but I had to redraw them many times. They are just two simple curves but deadly difficult to make them smiling eyes.

Sketch with a pencil

Draw with a pen

Mark the bouquet's position

Draw the flowers

Paint the flowers

Paint hair

Paint the suit

Paint the dress

Finish faces and sign

Wedding Invitation (inner)

A finished card


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