Natural Mirror

I was shooting in Uttran last weekend. It is where JJ’s mother lives. I always like the surrounding there, especially, a water area close to her apartment. And the view is visible from her balcony.

JJ and I went out to shoot around 6 am. I didn’t meet anyone outside. It was calm and beautiful at the pond. JJ was explaining one natural phenomenon to me. When the temperature of the water is warmer than the air, there happens fog. It’s only a side of the pond that was in a shade had fog.

It was a bit difficult when shooting panorama and the scene has different amount of light. Part of it lies in light and another part lies in a shade. When I later merged the images I let photoshop do the work.

Now, what I have captured are not as beautiful as what lying in front of me. I hope I could do better next time.

 Pictures were shot in different exposure because it was in a shade on the left hand side. With a circular polarized filter


One response to “Natural Mirror”

  1. Viktoria says :

    Vilka vackra bilder! Uttran är fint! Dessutom kommer det en och annan trevlig kille därifrån 😉

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