Wedding Seating

It is very interesting when it comes to a wedding seating. By interesting I mean not easy and could give the couple a headache. There is a thing called seating etiquette, saying how we should assign seats to our guests. For example, a seating plan on the head table

This is what I found on the Perfect Table Plan website. It also says that seating people on the head table could be a sensitive issue. I couldn’t agree more. This is the same for both Swedes and Thais. (I wonder who created all of this etiquette and what it is for).

The first thing is to select between seat assignment or table assignmet (I think for a large wedding, we can use both of them). According to a research referred by Perfect Table Plan, the majority of wedding guests prefers assigned seating and half prefer being assigned to a specific seat. But this might be true in Europe or at least in Sweden. In Thailand we prefer to have guests being assigned to a table.

For seat assignment, there comes a thing called seat arrangements. Suddenly there are hundreds of things for the wedding couple to think about. There will be limited numbers of tables, and each table has limited numbers of seats. And, we have to think whom should/could be seated next to each other and whom should not. This is important for making everyone happy and enjoy the party.

Then, we need to work on seating charts, table numbers and place cards. I think it’s more fun with this part. It’s also time to be a little bit creative. This is up to the couple’s taste and style. It could be a simple task or quite a task as well.

I think I have to look at the seating plan once more. It needs some adjustment after talking with few friends today. Then, I’m gonna work on my creativity for the seating charts, table numbers and place cards.

Lots of things need to be done but don’t need to hurry we still have plenty of time 😀


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