Flower macro photography

Spring is just around us so I found some time to do some shooting with 60 mm macro. It is so fascinating when looking at people’s macro flower photos. The photos look simple and have non-complex composition. Just a close-up of flower.

So I set up my equipment and a scene and began to shoot. After 15 shots, I reviewed the photos and started to realize it was not easy. None of the photos looked stunning. They were just photos and some of them were even shaking.

Twenty minutes later the sunlight fell down over the flowers I had shot. “It’s time to try another shot”, I thought. And, the results were better this time even though they were not masterpieces but I was satisfied :).

The purposes of the shooting

  • Get to know how the Canon 60 mm macro performs
  • Learn to shoot macro flower photography
The lessons
  • A small aperture plays an important role here. Of course, it’s up to how you want the result. Since your object is small to cover a certain amount of the details, with large aperture, you won’t get much. So, the small aperture can make a difference to your photos. Some of the photos I was satisfied with were shot with 32F.
  • Since you are shooting with a small aperture, tripod will be needed. You might not see a shake in your camera’s LCD screen. But when you’re back and check the photo on your monitor at home, you can only say “better next time”.
  • Consider to use a flash. It might make your picture better especially when you shoot flowers indoor. Without light pictures look dull.
  • It consumes time when you photograph. If you want to learn and be able to improve yourself, do it when you have some free time.
  • Look a lot at the same kind of the photos. You need to get some ideas to begin with unless you’re talented.
  • Keep practicing, make your techniques right, and creativity and aesthetics will come.

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