XYY male

I was watching the Criminal Mind yesterday and it was about a criminal who has an extra Y chromosome. So, I did a little bit of research this morning because the conversation in the movie between an FBI agent, David Rossi, and the criminal was interesting.

The criminal believes that it was the XYY chromosome which turned him to be a criminal and he did all crimes to revenge Rossi who took his family away. His brother was also a criminal and was taken and captured by Rossi previously. That capture took away his normal life. Since then he found out that it’s genetic and he shared a dark side with his brother.

Rossi argued that it’s not the extra Y that made him but it’s himself who chose to be.
Regardless of scienctific research, Rossi’s line is very true that we decide whom we want to be.

The extra Y is a controvertial topic that the XYY male are more prone to aggressiveness. Even it’s true, we can still argue that those XYY persons get an even more difficult test to pass and yet prove themselves in life.


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