Thailand 2010: Temples, Mountains and Flowers

I try to write about a trip with my family in the north of Thailand but it is difficult to decide where to begin and what I should focus. So, I decide to finish it in 30 mins and will publish what I have wrote. (Sound like a good idea to myself, get set, ready, go!!!)

We left BKK quite early. When I said early it’s really early. Since dad was excited and couldn’t sleep longer. So both dad and mom woke everyone up and we started the trip around 4 a.m. It’s good that we didn’t have to go around new year. This week it’s not many people and most of camping sites were almost empty. Yes, we were going to camping (some of the nights).

It was not late when we arrived in Pitsanulok. We stopped at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat where locates the most beautiful Buddha portrait in Thailand. We tried to keep time short since our destination was to get to Chiang Rai. It was my request because I long to visit Wat Rong Khun. I learned that it’s not possible to mix a photo trip with a family trip because there won’t be much time for you to wait for good light and get to know the place before pressing a shutter. So, I decided to take the best that time and light permitted and focused on taking family photos instead. First day we had nice rooms and comfortable beds waiting since we slept in a hotel. Tomorrow was going to be different.

Today we headed to Doi Tung. The area was developed by King Bhumibol’s mother. Flowers were not at their best yet but we still had some pleasure and some good an lovely family photos. Dad tried to keep schedules. We left Doi Tung and continue to Doi Mae Salong where we would be sleeping tonight, in a tent. Doi Mae Salong is a tea growing area. Tea is an important exporting product of tribal people here.

After one night moving closer to the nature, we went back to the city, heading to Chiang Mai and visited a place where it used to hold International Horticulture Exposition for His Majesty the King. It’s not as many flowers as when it hold the expo but there were still lots of flowers especially large varieties of orchids. Consequence of the visit was it was holding a food fair which I enjoyed a lot. I didn’t need to travel around Thailand but in one place I tasted foods from all parts over Thailand. And I loved and missed Thai taste.

Our last stay was on one mountain, called Mae Jon Laung, on Doi Inthanon National Park’s area. It was a remote area with red dirt track. We thought it was the track that our dad had to get there. Only people with 4WD choose to come here but that wouldn’t change dad’s mind. And he made it.

It was a very good trip. We had a good time and lots of fun. And I had some good photos. And the 30 minutes has finished.


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