What happened in your week?

Something is missing from us when we grow up. Today I ran into a question “what happened in your week?” Answers to the question from different people are quite dull. Most of them said, “Nothing is special. It is a normal week. I went to work and made food in the evening.” Person after person said similar things. If you ask the same question to kids I’m sure you will get all different answers. Kids have so much to tell when you ask about their day. Is it we live in the same world? Or is it they see the world differently from we do? But why and when does it happen? Wake up in the morning in the same room, go on the same route, eat in the same place could make us lose interests in things around us. Unlike kids, every morning when they wake up there are millions of games they can play and imagine. When they go in a car they can tell different stories. And it sounds huge and important about their stories. In contrast, a day of the grown-up are long, stressful and tiring. For some adults who enjoy their work and have hobbies, their days can be different and fun. But for some who don’t, their days can be as darn as of those who give the dull answers.

I hope when you get the same question your answer is not dull.


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