A long long week

It was lots of traveling last week. I’m sure there are people who often travel than me but this makes me tired already. First I flew to Toronto and that’s pretty okay since I had a weekend before business days.

Niagara Falls are stunning. When I looked at them in the map I thought the entire area could have been much larger. When I was walking down a street leading to the falls, I first only saw one of the falls. It’s hugh and powerful. Then when I turned to the right, there was another one. Both of them make the scene very incredibly stunning and show the power of the nature. This is what the Canadian are proud over the American. The views of the falls from the Canadian border are much more beautiful than ones from the American border.

After the falls we left for a wine testing. We visited a vine yard in the Niagara region. The biggest wine producing region of Canada. Here, I learned how to taste and drink different wines. After the session I really think that drinking wines is really an adventure. Every time you drink can be a new adventure even when you drink from the same bottle.

Monday and Tuesday were business days. There were lots of activities during the day. The weather was not so good when we were outside. So, I had to wait until my last day to visit the city of Toronto. And I was lucky, it was sunny and I had a good time with Farah. Sometimes life is similar to throwing a dice. You don’t know which face is going to turn up. I met Farah in Stockholm, first we got to know each other by email. We were roommates during her stay in Sweden. Then she moved back to Toronto. Then, we just met again.

I flew back on Wednesday and arrived in Stockholm on Thursday. I didn’t sleep much on the plane since I didn’t want to get jet lag. But the plane stopped too long in London, about 5 hours that I was waiting there. When I arrived in Stokcholm I went home directly from the airport. JJ was back from work already when I arrived home. So, we headed to see and gave iPad to his mother. I was late when we left from her and we still needed to pack for London the next day.

So, Friday I flew back to London together with JJ and the flight was early in the morning. As soon as the plane landed, we went straight to the hotel to leave our bags and went out. This time I felt a welcome feeling at the passenger control just because the reason to visit London was to watch a game of Premier League. Other times they were worse.

It’s lots of walk. We came back to the hotel in the afternoon to check in and take a rest before going out again for a musical play in the evening. The play was delightful but JJ expected it to be better. It’s the first play I watched so I’m satisfied. Finally, I watched it. The first time when I was in London by myself. I didn’t have enough time to plan for the theatre. Also the ticket is quite expensive for students. So now, when I experienced it, it was perfect when I can do it with people I want to be with.

Saturday was a day for the game. I was going to watch a match in an arena in London. The game played at Chelsea’s football club between Chelsea and Stoke. We knew who would win but it’s still fun to observe the game. But… it was very disappointing about the Chelsea fans. We were sitting in Chelsea stand and close to Stoke stand. Stoke fans are loudly in the entire game. They kept roaring, cheering , supporting while the Chelsea fans were sleeping. However, they woke up when the team made a goal.

JJ said now we had a European trip. This is what Europeans do when coming to London: go to theatre, watch a match. We went for shopping on the New Bond Street. But both of us are very bad at it. JJ even gave up after five minutes in one of the shops. We just didn’t have appetite in the whole street.

The plane landed in Arlanda 12:30 PM. We went to bed around 2 AM. It’s pretty long day at the end and I had a busy week after. So, I really long for this weekend. From yesterday 8:00 PM, my weekend has started.


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