Glamour of the Peach

"The first peaches grew in China, where wild trees still grow, though their fruit is rather mean and sour. They were transported along the Silk Road to Persia, where they flourished so marvellously they came to be regarded as a Persian fruit, hence their Latin name Prunus persica. It’s thought Alexander the Great took them from Persia to Greece and that, yet again, we have the Romans to thank for spreading them even farther afield…"

"… When you get your hands on truly ripe peaches, there’s nothing better than devouring them as they are, savouring every luscious mouthful. Try them at breakfast – could there be a more life-affirming way to start the day? Or as a simple and spectacular end to a rich meal. But I can’t help myself. When I’ve consumed more peaches au naturel than one might think possible, I can’t resist dabbling with them in recipes, too. It’s no crime to cook a peach – and, frankly, it’s a kindness to any peach that has not been allowed to ripen fully. Nothing elaborate, though – a simple grilling with raspberry sauce, a salad, a slump, all designed to let their essential peachiness shine." Read a full article.


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