Sushi Time @ Sushi Room

My favorite sushi place opens again after one month summer vacation. I have been eating here for a year now. It’s different from other sushi places I have been in Stockholm. The restaurant is run by Chinese. This is common in Stockholm. But its sushi is different. There are more choices to choose from. They care for small details and presentation of the dish which other places lack. Its miso shiru tastes good. The sushi maker is nice and knows his customers. He knows what I like. The restaurant allows you to change bites. I hardly select bites but I always get the bite I like. Prices are reasonable comparing to other places. In fact, i think a value for money of eating here is higher than average. That’s about my favorite sushi place.

I also like that the place is closed for a month. It’s good that everyone can have a vacation here even in a restaurant business. It’s difficult for me to think that a chinese-owned business will stop operating. It’s good that people here value other aspects of life other than how much money they can make in a year. We should not work and aim to make highest profits but to be able to have a comfort live and to enjoy life.

I’ll continue eating here because I’m satisfied with their foods and services. I don’t look for anything better because every time I’m eating here I’m happy. I don’t see a reason why I should be happier. When I’m happy, I’m happy. I don’t need to be happier.

Sushi Room Ynglingagatan 26 Stockholm


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