Sporty weekend

Saturday, tried to have plan to go out and kayak in Brunnsviken but we got there late (we thought it opened 11 a.m.). So, all kayaks were rented out we had a good chance to do it later today but I didn’t like to occupied my day with an uncertain plan. So we found something else to do.

After all these years, for both JJ and myself, we got ourselves up to the City Hall’s tower. It costs 30 sek per adult and you’ve got about 30 minutes. Time was too short when we were at the top and enjoyed panoramic views of Stockholm city. Also, light was not perfect for photography. I think I enjoy the city when I walk on the ground more. Feel good to have a top eye’s view but you can enjoy it from a way up high.

So, we spent some energy on this activity. Little bit of cycling and climbing up the tower.

Sunday as planned. We arrived in Brunnsviken 9.30 a.m. This time we were the first and must get a kayak. So we decided to go on two single kayaks. JJ said it was the first time that he went alone in the kayak, too.

I didn’t worry about that. I was on the kayak with JJ once when we were in Grinda. I liked it a lot and didn’t think it’s difficult. I might be worried about my power to control the kayak alone a bit. But we’re in a closed area and it had no wave and mild wind.

So, we got ourselves a kayak and started to throw ourselves into it. No worries. I felt good. Then, I tried to move myself a bit to see how it’s like when there were waves. Whew, it’s unstable and I was light.

I had a lot of problems to control directions of my kayak. It didn’t go straight. So, in the end I might have doubled my distance compared to JJ’s, if I had continued like that the whole trip. After we took a break for lunch and were on kayak again, now it’s hard to believe what happened to me in the beginning. So we went further and were out of the closed area where it was more wavy and had lots of big engined boats.

We didn’t go so far after we got out from Brunnsviken. It would take too much energy to continue. We, actually I, had to take it easy. So, we turned back and next time we start with it right away instead of going around in Brunnsviken or do it in another place. I wanna do it in Fridhemsplan.

So, we were out with kayak for 4 hours. The distance was about 10 km. Not too bad for the first time and I don’t exercise regularly. I felt pains in my muscles, mostly in arms and fingers, last night. I felt much better this morning but I feel pain in more places: neck, back and belly. But they are not the same pains as I had last night.


2 responses to “Sporty weekend”

  1. Amornrat says :

    After reading all these, I really want to throw myself out from this working chair. I wanna go outside and enjoy sunshine too. If I were member of technical committee of any conference/journal, I would never set the deadline during July -_-"

  2. Nattawan says :

    Get yourself in the committee to save other ph.d. student\’s / researcher\’s lives. 😀

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