Eurovision 2010

I followed the Eurovision song contest this year. It was a great show organized by Norway. Performance on stage from each country in the final was awesome. Light and sound was perfect and made the show so spectacular.

Sweden’s representative, Anna, didn’t pass thru the final. I think her show is simple, easy to digest, perhaps too simple. I like her song but it has too little to catch eyes of the audience in 3-4 minutes on stage. Compared to Germany’s show, it also has one girl, Lena, who is a main performer and few chorus on her back. That’s simple but her show is more fun. It’s more spices in her music. It didn’t catch me with Anna’s song the first time I watched her show. Unlike Lena’s, I only saw her clip, since she automatically went to the final, I like her music and perhaps it’s because of the way she sings. After an announcement, I figured out her style was similar to Alanis Morissette’s because it sounds familiar to me.

So, congrats to Lena. Well done. She’s only 19. It’s obvious last night she was shocked when the result was announced :).

P.S. I supported Germany (the clip made me wanna see her performance and after I saw it I think she’s got a chance), Romania (like the show), Albenia (like her voice).


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