First day with Android

I get myself to know Android this morning after I first saw its presentation about two years ago. I planned to leave a development world. Probably it’s a destiny that bring me back to this world again. JJ bought a new android phone and would like to explore what we can do with it. We checked out a tutorial and made our first android application. It’s a bit awkward to start a new development with two operating systems that I’m not familiar with. However, it’s pretty good dev guide on android development website. I had eclipse and Java SDK installed already. I needed to download and install ADT (Android Development Tools) which is an android plugin for eclipse, set up preferences for android project. Then I am ready to develop my first android application. Traditionally, when you learn to develop in a new language, you start to write Hello World application. This time is not different but I called it "Hello, Droid". And, my little green robot named JDroid and he’s a boy. It’s pretty easy. After compile I can run it on emulator or copy .apk file, install and run it on android phone. I’m afraid I won’t be able to move away from development world soon.


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