Brum Visit

It’s not a perfect trip but I had a good time.
The trip started to be interested when I arrived at Heathrow Airport. An officer at the immigration point asked me after reading my log on a monitor.
Officer: When did you visit England last time?
Me: (คิดในใจ) … ก็เห็นอยู่แล้วจะถามทำแป๊ะอะไรฟระ
Officer: Why do you visit England now?
Me: (… อยากได้คำตอบแบบไหนเนี่ย เหตุผลไช่่ว่าอยากจะมานักหนาหรอกนะ ตกลงนี่แปลว่าไม่ต้อนรับชิมะ) To see my sister and travel.
— End of conversation —

From landing to getting to an underground platform, it took me an hour. Now, we might not be able to catch the train to Birmingham.
Walked, dragged, lifted, ran, still we missed the train. Lucky enuf they let us catch a later train at 11.30 pm.

20 Mar 2010
What a lovely day! The sun was shy behind the cloud. It showered when we’re out to have breakfast. As soon as Peach arrived we set out a road trip to Coventry. We didn’t know anything about the city yet we went on as we were desperate to travel. As soon as we arrived in Coventry we experienced boring English weather. Raining. So we made a trip a little bit interesting by checking out Swedish meatball menu at IKEA. And 1 point out of 5 went to English IKEA’s meatball. Dry meatball, thin and bland sauce, and unhealthy chips. Then we went back to Birmingham.

21 Mar 2010
Sunny. Perfect weather for traveling. Today we did a real road trip to Warwickshire. We visited Warwick Castle, walked in the city, and enjoyed English tea and cooking. Then we set out to Bourton on the Water. It was a lovely town. Fresh air, clear water, green grass, good activities for family. We tried a maze and found a secret butterfly at last. We spent too much time in Warwick in the morning now it’s a little bit late to visit the last city in our plan. Since we had to pass the city on the way back so we shortly stop at Stratford upon water. It’s another nice city for holiday. I like the cities when they’re quiet, relaxing, not too crowded and I still have necessary convenience. I felt tired at the end of the day so I fell asleep pretty fast.

22 Mar 2010
Typical English weather dominated Birmingham again today. We just checked out popular places for visitors. We walked to Victoria Square. Pictures from today were pretty stiff. We tried to find a place to visit. JJ came with a place called Aston Hall. Unfortunately, the place was closed on Monday. However, it’s not too bad as we knew when we’re there. At least we checked out around Aston Villa area and Aston Villa’s football stadium. We stayed inside the whole afternoon and I exercised still life photography.

The departure day
BA crews’ were on strike since Saturday. I don’t if this is lucky or else. The union took a break on Tuesday, our flight was confirmed.
Outside it’s sunny. So Peach and I went out together to do photography around the Bull Ring. Peach got herself a pair of boots. Then we were back to the hotel and did some portraits. I enjoyed it and Peach got some good photos. Then we went out again with JJ and I did my last photography in Birmingham. Then we caught a train back to London.

— End of the trip —

Thank my knight who pushed me and made this trip happened and drove us around.


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