Interesting Stockholm

Two weeks ago I was walking in the city on the weekend. After 3 years and a half, I still have a feeling of a visitor. There are streets that I have never crossed or places that I have no idea. Anyway, I was still able to notice tourists or new arriving students here and there. We are similar in the way that we hold a map, look for a place, and carry a camera. I am one of them except I don’t have a map. I was looking for an interesting scene to shoot. Then I found one. It’s easy to see people fishing in Stockholm. Most of them stand on land, sometimes some stand in the water and so did the one I found. A man or woman (but I think he is a man) was standing in (cold and strongly flowing) water and fishing on a day with temperature around zero. I stood and watched him for a while. I know nothing about fishing so there are questions popped up: Is it fish he wants? If so, what kind of fish he can get? Does it need to be at that particular spot? Is it cold? What kind of garment he has under water? Will water get into his shoes? So far, he didn’t succeeded to catch anything. It’s cold I left the scene. Det var intressant.


2 responses to “Interesting Stockholm”

  1. Foojan says :

    ตกลงเค้าทำอะไรนะ รู้ป่าว…

  2. Nattawan says :

    Fishing na ji

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