Get to know the snow leopard

Are Mac products similar to expensive cars like Ferrari, Lamboghini, Rolls Royce and so on in the sense that it makes its users different? Mac is not too expensive for home users to have it at home, unlike those cars. However, it makes its users a little bit exclusive since it doesn’t very widely spread as Windows.

Nowadays more and more applications are available on both Mac and Windows. So users choices are not so limited. Oppositely, I think applications available in Mac aren’t available on Windows.

Today I try iPhoto which is an application to organize and share photos with friends. I really like the application. It offers all features that Picassa has and even more. What I like most is a feature to create scrape books. I’ve been looking for free software or services to do so but cannot find any. Moreover, with iPhoto, I can organize photos by events, albums and folders. I like the concept of folder which is something is missing in Picassa. Another cool feature of iPhoto is Places. You can tag the location of your photos and show it in Google Map. What I like is a summary view of all places that you tag your photos. iPhoto also has many handy features for photo editing. They are easy to use and enough for typical users who don’t want to do professional photo editing.

I enjoy photography even more. After taking photos, I really enjoy reviewing and organizing my photos.


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